Vol. 1 Issue 4
The S is only able to donate to verbs some salt
The D be friend.
Special was the H?
The river special the F it is?
It thinks of all D and I prevailed?
S likes very complete ship and ground.
It finishes M?
Stead of the P?
Z and X code word I congregated?
The Boy and great school of rice and crooked smallness of XX?
The S is only able to donate to verbs some salt.
The river special the F it is?
E waits on land and causes certain delays to classify the old king for a year of
The V in me connects and eats the green gold and the gift functioned for love
The U sends grudge for forum as the booty.
The D is the diction bell?
The O fact brings the rock it writes healthy painting of sensa?
The low one of door P had the row?
You reach it illuminated in those indicated and N?
The Act of X is crooked if Q lives in land of rain and makes laughs.
Fight of the city and light simple N first?
The Me signals cultivation, really.

mIEKAL aND is a poet, intermedia artist & the editor of Xexoxial Endarchy, a non-profit experimental arts publisher & umbrella arts organization. His work over the past 20 years has investigated the border blur which lies between media, focusing on the semantic abstractions inherent in text-based media works. His work for the web can be found at www.joglars.org. He is also a founder of Dreamtime Village, a hypermedia / permaculture ecovillage project in southwest Wisconsin.