William G. Doty

26 Mar 79


yesterday: puffed to the top (fire lookout tower) of Mount Grace

dug winter-cured parsnips

pulled a quill from a porcupine that died eating garbage

wondered at the house built by the lake (windows, windows!)

ate cashew chili

heard the bright overtones of the first saffron crocus

waited for the trailing arbutus to disclose white

drank two glasses of magic (a Californian pinot chardonnay)

and touched warm beaten-silk tapestry yarns, promising birds

Doty is professor emeritus in the College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Alabama. He has published widely in several mediums, and now teaching interdisciplinary seminars in the CA&S Blount Undergraduate Initiative. His Myth: A Handbook will appear in a licensed paperback edition from the U of Alabama Press in March 2007.




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