Skip Fox

Tongue as clitoris in heart of silence (like pain in coma)

organ as altar of truth lies quavering in brain or cave, its

spirits intersect with the exterior, as water flows through water,

its presences through the present, omnipotent, the smallest stream-

let, slip, is almost evident as it slides fast and passed the in-

discriminate, a rock mid river, current swift, this is the secret of

water (and why the tongue so requires it), to realize the extensions. 

Multiple lines for perspective and movement, arch beneath the hump

of lion at end of mind, at end of what?  Of what sort?  Where will its

hands roam?  Why?   What  will it tell itself it's doing?


Uroboric, first devouring, then giving birth to itself, over and

again, resultant divided by the conditional within necessity, like spastic

mime signing appeals to the real, that we might have nothing if not

that to which we have given our being through life's consumption,

words flopping on catalyptic tongue, life known as "well taken," into

which we increasingly disappear, simply another occlusion of

undifferentiation?, the body a footstool in a sketch about a guy who

became the impoverishment from which he'd come, origin as

calculation of error.  All keys gonna fit one lock, O Lord, one day. Yet

there's a cave when he closes his eyes, and something is moving.


Vole, fortune of reversal in fields, no, nor a refusal to think

less about nothing in particular and more in general, wedge

flying nightward at your throat like a blade increasingly glowing

in the air about you, on a screen the wide hermaphroditic smile of

light, idiot grin, same sheen on trees, mountains, clouds, a room falling

into which we always just came, we sit and watch . . . something,  how

can we know anything?, beyond our own confusions, five senses, fingers,

graces five and forms flowing, head neck and trunk, limbs trailing a

fourth, of understanding, from which rise the recognitions of a third, and

out of her, twice born, the lively one.  Birth is a stroke.

Skip Fox's work has appeared recently in 88, Aught, The Tiny, Unlikely Stories, Unarmed Journal, Wire Sandwich, Yawp, Ambit, Gestalten, Sugar Mule, Poetic Inhalation, Tarpaulin Sky, Big Bridge, Hamilton Stone Review, Malleable Jangle, Black Box, eratio, House Organ, Word for/Word, moria, New Orleans Spleen, Fuck, and Dirty Swamp. Previously his work has appeared in Talisman, Hambone, lower limit speech, Exquisite Corpse,, o.blek, etc. He has published four chapbooks (Bloody Twin, Oasis, Auguste), and two books (Potes & Poets, Ahadada). His work has appeared in a couple anthologies including Another South: Experimental Writing in the South (U of Alabama P).


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