Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis & Caleb Adler


Excerpts from the Imaginary Website:

Hard to Hart Crane when
you so-heart emu. So much
aplomb & aplume

Apollo: Dapple
-drawn-dawn Emu morning finds
me stirred by a bird.

Wrong cock, wrong cry. Dawn's
your domain, my sun-usher,
better chanticleer

Semiotic bird
object-coding Barthes' bliss
einfuhlung abates.
Famous clairvoyante
give me the emu card, and
your one-eyed merchant
We are all lit-up.
Shining like shook foil from the
grandeur of emu.

Spurning, your speech is
deadly. Basilisk. Emu-
headed cockatrix

Ariana-Sophia Karsonis' work has appeared or is forthcoming in: ACM, Canwehaveourballback?, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Diagram, Hotel Amerika, Passages North, Slope, West Branch and of course, Born. Additionally,  (and so-gratefully) her first book,  Intaglio, won the 2005 Stan & Tom Wick Poetry Prize and was recently published by KSU Press.

Caleb Adler, M.D.  is an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati . He has received numerous awards, grants and fellowships for his work and writings on Bipolar Disorder research. His articles have appeared in a variety of psychiatric journals and his poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Spork, Words on Walls and Prairie Schooner.


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