Jake Berry

Her Face Comes Out

Rose Trail

The Vanities

Convocation: the Failure of Tongue and Text (an Essay)

Jake Berry's latest book, Brambu Drezi (Barrytown/Station Hill, 2006) includes revised versions of books one and two and the first publication of book three of the long poem. The Blood Paradoxes / War Poems  was published in 2005 by xPress(ed). He is author of more than a dozen other books and chapbooks.

Berry has been widely published in magazines, journals and anthologies for more than two decades. He edits several blogs including, 9th St. Laboratories and Conversari.  

As a songwriter and musician his CDs are available at Front Porch Recordings (frontporchrecordings.com) and Complex Lemon (compmlexlemon.info). Several of his songs, as a solo artist or with the bands Bare Knuckles, Ascension Brothers, and Catachthonia are available for download at music.download.com and forthcoming at garageband.com.


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