"Five Figures on a Train Platform" mixed media
on canvas, 18" x 24"


"Storm Catcher"



"Self-Portrait" and "Orders"

"Codex" and "Funny Head"


"Self-Portrait in Suit and Tie" and "Apmonia"

"Parade Marchers" and "Masque (female)"


"Stare Back" and "Hive of Eyes"


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apocryphaltext Vol. 4

art by pak nichols

Pak Nichols was born on Christmas Day, 1975 in Seoul, South Korea. His mother was Korean and his father was born in the U.S. Pak finished high school in Tallassee, AL and then studied history and English at the University of Alabama. After failed suicide attempts in 1995 and 1996, he was hospitalized in Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He dropped out of college in 1998 and essentially became homeless for a time. In 1999, Pak was hospitalized in a crisis stabilization unit in Montgomery, where he was encouraged to take his painting more seriously. For several years after that, Pak painted, wrote, made music, and began working at Marcia Weber Art Projects where he spent much of his time. On July 19, 2008, Pak Nichols died of natural causes. Several of his works have been donated to permanent collections including the Wiregrass Museum in Dothan, Alabamaa. At the time of his death, Pak was working on a music composition comprised of 108 CDs.

Special thanks to Hank Lazer and Marcia Weber for their help with this issue.