when exiled from

same     when here

invokes difference     to

say jew &

to explain miracle

of light wind

horizon tug guiding

container ship to

harbor     coral reef

exposed at low

morning tide     why

i am not

with them in

temple     inventing here

a form of

prayer     as others

in morning     travel

word for word


i don’t think

my particular life

merits extended meditation

you who read

these poems please

know it is

the place of

these words we

are given to

know here we

are in a

peculiar way given

permission to be

can enter (sometimes)

this resounding space

where thinking sings

sacred place the

moment’s measured being





apocryphaltext Vol. 3

Hank Lazer has published 14 books of poetry, including The New Spirit (Singing Horse, 2005), Elegies & Vacations (Salt, 2004), and Days (Lavender Ink, 2002).  In 2008, Omnidawn published Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays, 1996-2008.  Over the past few years, Lazer has collaborated with jazz musicians Tom Wolfe and Chris Kozak on some jazz & poetry improvisations and with outsider artist Pak on a series of poem-paintings.  He is currently working with animation artist Janeann Dill on a poetry-video installation project.  His newest book of poems, Portions, will be published in the spring of 2009.

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