i sat in the grass
nothing happened
then a woman fell off her bike
helicopters started to fall
from the sky
big heavy metal ones
the earth made noises
two dogs armwrestled
a little girl was staring at me and
i felt guilty.

it must have been about 8:30.

something new

when you talk about the places you went with your
ex boyfriend,
i sometimes imagine you talking to someone about
places we've gone.

some new man.

it makes me sad
and that seems to keep you around
a bit longer.

either way

there was a girl in the razorblade aisle at the drug store
back at her apartment she showed me
how to cut with the grain.
i never knew.
this changes everything, i said.
we held the razorblades on our forearms and
started counting to three.
i got nervous.
i pictured newspaper headlines on my father's desk.
i thought it would look too messy,
a double suicide.
so i killed her instead.

five year plan

my brother got a raise early this month.
he's been buying all kinds of expensive shit.
last week he moved into an apartment that he and his fiancee
will live in
next march.

mom and dad are proud.
it's all part of his new five year plan, they say.

i've got a five year plan too, you know.

i will kill everyone taller and
more handsome
than me.

self portrait

my favorite thing to do
on tuesday nights
is lay face down in the carpet
with my arms at my sides
and picture you having
with each one of my friends.

me too

everyone is
what they look like
they are

everyone is
boring and
i'm at the top of the list.


a cigarette knows when it's not being inhaled

and so do i.








apocryphaltext Vol. 2, Nos. 2 & 3

Matthew Savoca sometimes lives in Italy with his girlfriend and her cat. He has no money or friends and actually his girlfriend is his wife, but they try not to mention it.  You can find more poems and projects at seageometry.blogspot.com..


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