from The Notebooks (of Being & Time)
5” x 7”
Acquired November 2006 – cover drawing of Green Sunfish (Lepomus cyanellus) by Joseph R. Tomelleri (from the collection of drawings of Alabama fish)
Little Butler Creek, Lauderdale Co., AL 9 April 1993

pages 21-24, Notebook #4


hacking kaballah

black fire        white fire

word-word        letter-letter

rise and enter the city
and you will be told what
you are to do

among the many words
searching in time

called out of

                           or      called into

call it     a calling

                                     i’m here      calling     

on you      (a cold call)      because i have been

called upon to do so




who choose the living

                            stranded here in being

if everything that is
is holy

                             how is it possible then
                             for the work of art
                             for the artist

                                                       to select
                                                       an object
                                                       of attention


i am not

                              trying to convince

                                                                      you of any

thing in particular

                          though i would

                                                                       like it if

you paid loving

                          attention to particulars

                                                                 reading & seeing

within the spirit

                          of the sabbath

                                                                 no labor with

a goal permitted

                          a relaxation a

                                                                 re creation of

the heart &

                          soul of your

                                                                 being just so

how to answer back

                                                   to what cannot be seen or heard

apocryphaltext Vol. 2, Nos. 2 & 3

Hank Lazer has published 13 books of poetry, including The New Spirit (Singing Horse, 2005), Elegies & Vacations (Salt, 2004), and Days (Lavender Ink, 2002). He edits the Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series for the University of Alabama Press. Lyric & Spirit: Selected Essays 1996-2008 is due out shortly from Omnidawn (and is available at a big discount at First Portions, an e-chapbook (free download) will be available shortly from Ahadada Books (

from the notebooks of being and time
by hank lazer