Tonight, in the heart
Of ?________
A: darkness
B: fret
C: frenzy
D: noises
E: …?
I move the _______
A: lamp
B: book
C: metaphor
D: staff
E: …?
from the outer world
to my inner landscape
just like a train looming
swiftly and surely
out of a long tunnel

Three Enthymemes

Human imagination is as infinite as universe
God is a human imagination
God is omniscient

The harder good is the better good
Virtue is the harder good to acquire than pleasure
Virtue is better good

Energy follows the law of preservation of matter
Art is a particular form of energy
Art is immortal


apocryphaltext Vol. 2, Nos. 2 & 3

Changming Yuan authored three books in China before moving to
Canada. With a PhD in English, he currently works in Vancouver and has had nearly 100 poems appearing or forthcoming in the literary press
including Byline, Chaffin, Dalhousie Review (CA), The London Magazine
(UK), Porcupine, Private(IT), and Sentence.

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