Come Ons

Fishing for Suckers
the great curiosity!  the electric fish
pea under the shell
watch that pea
and queue

pull of attention
use your pull

"Make it New"

The New Woman
Renaissance     born new, not maid
danger and goodness, coupled
       intrinsic novelty superior

Turn Over a New Leaf
Books of Knowledge

modern as you like

modern design
makes the difference

words that make money

copy is good
when it brings in trade,
       achieves intended effect

Just the thing you need.

The secret
"hifalutin" language is out.
       so too careless and trivial talk

a flood of coined
words, ridiculous

gets attention
       beautiful and fair
       radiant hair
       entwined / mind
there is no magic
       to be a magnet, wear a magnet
demand is

Instinctive Response

Appeal to many types of knowledge
       visual, kinetic, tactile
know it when you see
information about product
       expertise appeals
predictions will not fit into every life with accurate details

Photos of Nude Women
what you want, but seldom get

you can't buy love

appeal to pride
       high standard
a noble urge, the quest for beauty
not found elsewhere
(this particular) assortment

astonishing poses

the "nude in art"
       men don't buy raw foods
               or dry goods
few are born beautiful
       men have preferences
       women have dislikes

Female loveliness
Will Do you Good
your duty
Things You See
preserve our beauty
buy us then a new Machine
What it was that changed Miss Flimsey from a frivolous girl into a
sensible woman

Not a stitch on
       One was fair to look upon, the
       Other fading fast

Rich, Rare and Racy Books

The Bible Says...
a day of judgment
a vivid picture

The Picture of Health

In Puritan Times
Surprise Your Husband
Night Caps

There's is no Use in Preaching
Everyone should read "teaching a moral lesson"

Naked truth
Unvarnished     language

Fascinating descriptions
       your everyday expressions
       wrinkle youth
Naked self

"Without risk"

Honest, Legitimate
       durable goods

Free* offer
unconditional gift.  If conditional,
disclose this condition clearly and conspicuously together with the
"free" offer (not by placing an asterisk next to "free" and referring
to the condition(s) in a footnote).

free is temporary; else, it is a continuous combination, no part of
which is free

       an asterisk imparts additional information about a word or term which
is not in itself inherently deceptive, not to contradict the meaning
of any statement

Sent securely sealed
Marvelous masterpieces of money-making mail
       paid to work at home
       become an affiliate
No money down
       multi-level marketing
a month's wages with two days' work
Get Rich

apocryphaltext Vol. 2, Nos. 2 & 3

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