After Stein If She Were Heterosexually Inclined (With a Nod to Hugh Prather)


        Do you come here often? How often do you come?
        Often and quickly. It’s the best thing I know how to do.
        I’ve eaten one or two sandwiches I liked better.
        You look like a Jenks.
        I’m a Hugh.
        That may be, but you look like a Jenks.
        Do you mind topping off my cup, cupping me, tops off, are you a minor?
        What flattery.
        Best after a green cold soup, do you possess greenery?
        In pots?
        Plants in pots hot hot.
        Your hand is a plant. What plan is your hand planting?
        Pussy pussy pussy what what.
        Except I love my house and loving would never leave nightly nor otherwise.
        I love my house.
        One of us will come.
        Both or no-go. Two or zero.
        Agreed. A greed is green.
        Am I won?
        Am I at least one-by-oneing across the moat?
        I love my house too much the meaner.
        What is your number?
        I have ten of them.
        Start with the first.
        I guess yes.
        Yes is not nor never will be a number. The state of Ohio dallies ten numbers to
11,500,000 people. These people know their numbers. The state of Ohio agreed to be stately in 1803. Since then, it remains. No one is worried that the state of Ohio will break up. There are many town meetings on not this topic.
       On top, do you like it?
       It’s the best thing I know how to do. I prefer to stop before —When I besotted my last greenery ... When I met Jenks ... When I met Hugh ... Do you have a Mary? Everyone loves Mary. She’s like a house, the great big greenhouse of humanity.
        I don’t like taking my port to the computers at the library and sticking my port in their
port it seems their ports are whores.
        Have you?
        It really is the best thing they know how to do.
        Then you liked it well? Well, did you like it?
        If by like you mean fleetingly—
        Everything is, everything is, first verse.
        Where do you lick to be liked?
        On the one-one. Is that a fleet or your feet?
        You will know my fleet by its mean mast.
        What kind of mast are you fucker?
        Meanly and minely, purely and yourly.
        You are not the only kite that flies.
        Try me.
        I like flying and once flown watching smugly. Kites like me.
        Are you deviant?
        I find that rare in sandwiches.
        I find lies in sandwiches. The kite being flown in the flesh, and the other kite on the
phone, a kite is hardly flown by phone, I told him: it will be hard—
        Was it?
         It will be hard to fly you while I am making a sandwich, darling.
         Did you say darling?
         He should’ve known.
         How so?
          I would’ve known. A kite flown is a kite flown.
          I didn’t know you then.
          Know me.
          I’m bad-so at knowing, good-so at flying.
          Fuck me, Cleo.
          O Marcus, I lie with mean lickers (that’s the ticket there there) and kite flyers.

* “It’s the best thing I know how to do” is a line from a Hugh Prather poem.

** “Pussy pussy pussy what what” is a line from Stein’s poem “Sacred Emily.”


apocryphaltext Vol. 2, No. 1

Jillian Weise's first book, The Amputee's Guide to Sex, was published by Soft Skull Press earlier this year.  Recent poems appear in Tin House and Hanging Loose.  She would like to thank Big Logos.



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