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Mumbling in a Hole: a Chapbook by John M. Bennett
(September - October 2005)




My neck

my sock stunner boat my cube
lake creamed my leach sugar
clock hole my dream beet thrummed
catchall stinking ,my schlock gap

numbed for inking

sordid focus at the crest of shoes
!the bank flutters in the ashy weeds
your screen hums and flakes a
limp gust drops across your laps

timed for seeping

the ruckus of yr key the raking of
my net the potting of yr face the
sinking of my shirt the storage of
yr snake the climbing of my neck


Map phone

map grommet or your crisp duck
coffee or your loops mash locket or
your dink plop rabbit or your half
shadow stink or your clue

snore and tires
flavored in the plate contraption I
was cute and lumber ,sprayed the
pencil cloud a pepper corm a
shouldered lummox licked the gun
wisp and form

crap lock dimmed ,root roof biled
,bum towel doored ,rule natter sprayed
,borne trap lint ,use rot lungage
,trowel hat lease ,nod tool phone