Mumbling in a Hole: a Chapbook by John M. Bennett
(September - October 2005)


Shout head

short shirt ,long stumble ,raft bleeder
,tape your couch against your leg
a binder pous ymils dalas rinsing of yr
clunk soap ,meat funned ,sat hopping

stun could ramble

short of gnippord all the lists 'n thunders
short of clanging all the stsirw n' srebmun
short of gnileep all the nests 'n corners
short of blazing all the stops n' srezeehw

bmun could elbmag

laked the cloudy shorts you wadded in yr
pocket gush ,knird reddal ,seep folder
,hush rebmul ,pile itcher ,slime closet
empty like a bulb you burst upon yr head