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Mumbling in a Hole: a Chapbook by John M. Bennett
(September - October 2005)


My constipation

my runned door my use fool my
drat phone my stone belt my
smelt pool my drag lung my
slab itch my half shudder my

cut and fly

shouted down the funnel border
trembled bluntly slamming rat the
fences blithing in the sun lust fat
spore spanner clubbed and spoken

hump and fly

say your groaning was a batter say
your heaping was a number say
your natter was a laundry say
your soaking was a constipation


Dip fluting

dip the rashes in your lumpy
salad forked cash inhabit mile
of stumbling rat the pore index the
rustling boot rabbit you could snaking

lushed the stubble

,snort lop ,dust cash ,wrist nugget
,lack rug ,rile tube ,bake stack
,meal bog ,face smoke ,nostril brack
,ding roam ,brat cloud ,bug fan

pushed the rubble

door you clouded like a lander in the
feeler horticulture sobbing was a
cashhog dancing cashes hill of
plunder you could tempt or fluting