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Mumbling in a Hole: a Chapbook by John M. Bennett
(September - October 2005)


Bring bent

,bring sentence ,claim lingua ,nod trestle
,blang folder ,file shaking ,plod number
,him feetless ,drool louder ,dab floater
,pile relentless ,mime gutter ,lob pensive

gash and gutter

so I shoot him at the salad fingers
doubled lending was I cashless lent
a cable to the boiling trench gut
stubbled bullets drowning in the soup

hush and utter

the lusted blade heel the listed slave
peel the clockered nap midget the
puckered hat digit the lubed blood
tent the cubed mud ,and bent


Doored chimping

doored I useless in the fridge grease
hammer gutted like your furnace
page of tunnels where you “thought”
you read a ,plunder crowding in the closet

hush and crop

up my dime my up my cage my up
my lust my up my inch my up my
hopping my up my rugs my up my bloom
my up my rash my up my gust my

trash and clot

finger humping and a gore rabbit what
you linger sucking and a door habit what
you ply rusting and a mile limping what
you fry clusters and a pile chimping