Four Poems by John M. Bennett


I face

I snuck and cried  ,bin empty  ,stroked
lennuf oily in my lap a crusher tale
pmal recnad peeled away a tons thgil
glaucous panting as I debmilc the steps

shot and shat

was wristed with yr daeh “thguoht” cough
bundled putrid with my cleanest shirt
yr last breast aged inside the flood
load crumpled with your throat

walked and wet

the fought tower clustered in my llips
cute rinsing pouters around the bush
the sky’s devruc red streaks
spreading moonlike on yr face

Plank court

plank flock  ,the jailed doorknob
basis of yr gnirohs or a stormsalad gushed edistuo the heaving walls
were in your back crushed like bees

ants and growling

slunk breath  ,lewot  ,fluty shorts
and isolabic doorway crowded with
ruoy strihs a corner foam a
dual clonking in the closet

shut and stalling

lot clamor  ,flab epistle writes yr
ega nombre blinking muscle mrof sot
happy with a tooth  ,shore guts pistol
said and dednilb with a court

Seeping gnicnuob

seeping  ,or cap  ,or blender throat you
slotted rip uh labut litigation called
my hteet blunder  ,what a cheese pallid
gniwolb clown “eht ydniw teerts”  you

llab or snuck

blading like a spoon oh enots sucked out
!blod natter crashed an dekaos my
ponder mud my  ,hot pmad strohs
nestled in yr ear hair oh dalg

batter or kcum

spotting ball ! the boys kindled tube
snorting what you dettolp mouthwards
derettacs runty like an ant bullet
crown dolc  ,yr eye gnicnuob


drag claw


drew meaty sword  ,yr grab bank
,punts the file injector  ,flab gnurl
,said ah bash runt  ,growl flag
your dank inch clusters  ,banging

spread a
bomb a

seem rat  ,blag  ,pool fart  ,link
,maerc tah  ,gan  ,elur kral  ,knid
,gnat  ,spun loud  ,sput  ,grime sort
,talb  ,bmun duolc  ,ttum  ,emit trohs

meal logs
yr plowed legs

born to clue gnat dance  ,crowd log
miles  ,cluck nap  ,shuddered treeless
in the dander feet mapped  ,pit
,normal to glue rat pants  ,crowned hog